Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your frequently asked questions about Flare Elite.

This game is hard, or is it just me?

The game can be pretty challenging at times, so no, its not you :) The following tips should make it a bit easier:

Upgrade Your Weapons

Upgrade your weapons at the armory. Upgraded weapons fire faster or add more guns to your ship. Stronger weapons make all the difference, because killing more enemies results in more power particles and thus a higher power level. Not only that, your score will be higher as well, so you can upgrade some more!

Attack instead of Avoid

Being on the attack is paramount in Flare Elite! Your ship continually consumes power, so you need a steady supply of power particles, which you can only get by destroying enemies. Your ship can handle getting hit by enemy projectiles, as long as you keep gathering enough power particles. Note that if you collide with an enemy, you do not get a power particle, so do try to avoid that.

Use the Overdrive

The overdrive is a special mode of your weapon, activated by tapping the center of the screen, that greatly enhances your firepower. The overdrive always has the same strength, independent of your weapon level. Half of your powerlevel is consumed, thus making it cheaper when you are low on power. The extra firepower will allow you to clear the screen of enemies and gather all their power particles, making for a netto power win!

Buy Ship Upgrades

After completing stage 3, the Workshop becomes available. The workshop gives five additional upgrades of your ship. The power efficiency and k-drive upgrades definitely make the difference, especially in the later stages. The upgrades start cheap as well, so there is no reason not to get them!

Use the K-Drive

Releasing both control bars will activate the K-drive, which will draw all power particles on the screen toward you. This is very convenient to gather power particles that you cannot reach otherwise, because there are enemies in the way. If you are low on health, it is almost always better to temporarily stop firing and use the K-drive to increase your power level. Upgrade the K-drive at the workshop for even faster power particle attraction!

Is there a pause function?

The pause button is located in the top-left area of the screen. When paused, the game can be resumed by either touching both Control Bars, or touching the pause button again.

When you're interrupted by a phonecall, sms or notification, the game automatically pauses.

Is there a bomb? Or some kind of panic button for me in the game?

Yes, this comes in the form of the Overdrive. Activate the overdrive by touching the center part of the screen. The attack is dependant on the type of weapon you currently use and costs half your power. See the tip above for more information on when to use the Overdrive.

Which weapon is the best?

The weapons all have their own strong and weak sides, so there is not a single best weapon for every situation.

Even though the weapons have their own characteristics, the weapon level is the biggest factor in determining effectiveness. Therefor it is wise to focus on upgrading one or two weapons to level 4 or 5 before investing in other weapons.