Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to the most commonly asked questions about Phoenix. Do not hesitate to send us an email at if your question is not answered on this page.

In-App Purchases Questions

Is your question any of the following:

I lost my purchased ships because of a device restore, do I need to pay again?

My purchased ships do not sync to my other devices, do I need to pay again?

Then the answer is simple: no you do not need to pay again. Your in-App Purchases can be unlocked using the 'Restore Purchases' button in the settings. The settings can be found in the Main Menu of Phoenix. After tapping the button you will need to log in to the App Store account on which the in-App Purchases were previously purchased. Please check the image below for a visual guide. Enjoy!

Location Services and Privacy

Can other people see the locations of my scores?

No. Your location is only used to determine the regional leaderboards for that score and then to show your own score on the screen after a game, and on the 'Your Highscores' map. Other players will never see your location.

I have disabled Location Services yet Phoenix HD still determines my location!

When Location Services are disabled, Phoenix HD will use your IP to attempt and locate where you are. This is generally inaccurate, but sometimes might return your location as the centre of the city where you are playing the game. This location is the same for all other players that are located using IP lookup in that city, and is thus relatively anonymous. Also, other players are not able to see your location.

Gameplay Questions

The Phantom is destroyed with 1 hit, is this correct?

Yes, this is correct. The Phantom is destroyed with a single hit, so fly even more careful than before. In case of an emergency just lift your finger and the Phantom will enter 'Ghost Mode' in which it cannot be hit. Put your finger back down to resume firing and continue to destroy the enemy ships. There are other special abilities, but you have to discover them yourself ;)

Do I have to re-buy the in-App purchases on every device?

See the answer above.

This game is hard, or is it just me?

The game can be pretty challenging at times, so no, its not you :) The following tips should make it a bit easier:

Keep an eye on your ship

Your cockpit (the glowing blue circle) is the only place you can be hit, so focus on avoiding projectiles. It does not matter if avoiding a projectile means you are not aiming at an enemy, as survival is almost always more important.

Avoid big movements

Especially when you just started playing, do not make any wild moves to avoid projectiles. There are a lot of projectiles on screen and moving really far and fast means you have a greater chance to get hit. Small movements are generally safer.

Aim for turrets

Destroying enemy turrets rewards you with green health powerups. After playing a while you will start recognizing turrets, and you should focus on destroying the most dangerous turrets first.

Store power-ups

One power-up can be stored for use at a later time. When no power-up is stored, the first power-up you encounter is automatically stored, it can be seen floating around your ship. To activate it, touch the screen with two fingers. Only one power-up can be stored at a time.

Tip: The finger that controls your ship already counts as one finger. To activate stored power-ups you only have to add one other finger and do not have to let go with the finger that controls your ship.

I can not see my ship when I want to move

You do not have to touch your ship to move it, it is possible to place your finger anywhere on the screen. We recommend placing your finger just below the ship for the best experience, especially when you just started playing.

How can I see my ship health / hitpoints?

When you get hit, your ship will catch fire, this is visible on the ship. The more fire on your ship, the less hitpoints you have remaining. When you can only take one more hit before you explode, the ship will start emitting big flames, these are very easy to recognize. To regain health, destroy turrets from enemy ships and pick up the green health powerups.

Players who prefer a more abstract representation, a Health-bar is visible at the top of the screen.

When you are close to exploding, the screen also switches to a Black & White mode, where only the enemy projectiles and your vulnerable cockpit will be in color. This way you can focus better on survival. Health and power-ups are also in color.

What does the EMP do?

When the EMP is activated, it will instantly convert all enemy projectiles on screen to coins!.

Tip:Time your EMP to use it when there are as many enemy projectiles on screen as possible to get a huge amount of coins!

Is there a pause function?

The pause button is located in the top-left area of the screen. When paused, the game can be resumed or quit. When you are interrupted by a phone call, text message or notification, the game automatically pauses.

I cannot see my regional scores?

Make sure you allow Phoenix to use Location Services on your device. If this was disabled earlier, you can allow Phoenix to use it by going to the Settings app, then go to Phoenix HD, and finally Location

Can I have a high score in multiple regions?

You can only have a single highest score per region per ship. For example, you can have a unique high score in different cities, but only one of those scores will be the highest for the country in which those cities lie, and that score will thus be your high score for that country and that particular ship. All the high scores you set in all regions everywhere in the world can be seen on the 'your scores' menu from the start screen. A gorgeous world map will show all the locations you played in, so set a lot of high scores in different places to drop a lot of pins! :)

Which weapon is the best?

Though each weapon has its own unique characteristic behavior, the damage output is equal. One weapon might shoot a lot of weak projectiles, while another might shoot a small amount of strong projectiles. The difference is in how they behave and you might be better with a specific weapon, but in the end their damage output is potentially the same. This goes for both new weapons as weapon upgrades.

Do you support iOS 7 Controllers? If so, what do the buttons do?

Yes! Phoenix supports iOS 7 Controllers. The left stick and directional pad move the ship around as you would expect. For the functions of the buttons, please check the diagram below.

Do you support the iCade? If so, what do the buttons do?

Yes! Phoenix supports the IONaudio iCade. The stick moves the ship around as you would expect (note that the Shogun moves a bit more slowly to increase its accuracy). For the functions of the buttons, please check the diagram below.

I liked the old Soundtrack better, can I choose that?

Yes. The composer has made both music tracks available to download for free on his website. Just place the track on your iOS device and play it via the iPod App while playing Phoenix.

Who made this great game? Is there no credits screen?

There is! In the Main Menu, just enter the Settings (top left) and scroll down to see who worked on Phoenix.

I got a new iOS device but now all my scores are gone?

To access your scores and coins on multiple iOS devices you have to create a Firi account. This is very easy. In the Phoenix HD main menu, go to the Settings (top left) and chose 'Sign In'. Please enter your email adres and chose a password.
When you do this the first time, all information from the current device is used to create your account, this includes both score and coins. You can now Sign In with this account on multiple devices and use them simultaneously.

Resetting difficulty

Phoenix HD automatically adjusts the difficulty to keep the game fun and challenging. If you want to reset this difficulty to it's easiest setting, please go to the Phoenix HD main menu, go to the Settings (top left) and chose "Reset Difficulty". On 1 star difficulty the turrets will be less complex and the speed of enemy bullets is lower. You also get less points for defeating enemies.