Phoenix HD Privacy and Usage Policy

On this page, the use of 'you' and 'your' refers to you, a player of Phoenix HD. The use of 'we' and 'our' refers to us, Firi Games.

This page details the privacy policy of Phoenix HD and provides information on what data is collected by our game. By playing Phoenix HD, you accept this privacy policy. This page can be updated to reflect changes to the policy. Significant updates are listed below:


  • May 20th, 2017: Updated information about the use of email addresses from Firi Accounts.

Also on this page is a monetization license that you can use if you use any Phoenix HD recordings or screenshots on services that require them, such as Youtube.

If you have any questions about any of this, or if you have a different Phoenix HD question, then please get in touch with us at!

Third Party Services and Advertisements

Phoenix HD does not contain any third party services ('SDKs') that could track your behavior such as analytics. Actually, Phoenix HD contains no third party SDKs whatsoever. Phoenix HD also does not show any advertisements. And we do not share any of your personal data with third parties.

Location-Based Leaderboards

Phoenix HD is a highscore based game, so providing an awesome leaderboard experience is important. We do this by grouping our players in leaderboards for every city, country and continent they play Phoenix HD in. After each game, your score is uploaded to our serving infrastructure. The score contains your score (obviously) and several statistics related to your performance in that game.

To determine the right leaderboards to put the score in, Phoenix HD requires your location. Your location is determined through either one of two ways.

First, we ask your permission to use Location Services. If given, we use those services to determine your location and try to determine the city you are located in from that location. When found, we put your score in the leaderboard for that city and the leaderboards for all larger areas that contain that city (province/state, country, continent, etc).

Otherwise, if location services are not available, we use an approximation of your location based on your IP address and determine the leaderboards from that. This approximation is provided by our serving infrastructure. The location determined in this way is the same for all players in that region and generally (very) inaccurate. Often we cannot find the correct city in this way, but most of the time we succeed in finding the right country leaderboard to put your score in.

Your determined location (either from Location Services or IP-based) is stored together with your score, so we can provide you with a cool map with all your scores on it in the game. These locations are never visible to other players. Only your game score, your nick name and your rank are visible to other players in the leaderboards of the places you have played in.

Other Personal Data

When you start Phoenix HD, we log you in to the game automatically. Logging in retrieves your current amount of coins, the places where you have set scores, and any available test flights. As part of this login process we send your device type, your device's iOS version and what Phoenix HD version you use to our serving infrastucture. This data is used by us to get aggregate statistics on what devices & iOS versions our players use. We also use it if you contact us with a problem so we can help you faster.

If you like Phoenix HD, and decide to purchase one of our cool ships, then as part of the purchase process a receipt is uploaded to our serving infrastructure. We verify this receipt and store it together with your other data. We then unlock this ship for you.

Again, your personal data is never shared with third parties.

Firi Account Privacy Policy

Phoenix HD has the ability to link your current game progress to a Firi Account. Registering an account in this way enables you to restore your game progress on a new or different device and play from there. You can also use your Firi Account for other games by Firi Games.

To register a Firi Account, you provide a username and a password. Your username must be an email address. We require this because an email address is unique, easy to remember, and it allows us to reset your password if you request us to do so. Your password is stored in a hashed representation using PBKDF2.

We might use a non-reversible representation of your email address to improve the targeting of advertisements of our games. We might also send you an email if we make a cool new game that we think you will like.

Data Storage Location

All your data related to Phoenix HD and Firi Accounts is stored in the United States through services provided by Google Cloud Platform.

Phoenix HD Content Monetization License

Phoenix HD gives you the option to record gameplay or take screenshots (both options are available through the pause menu). Hereby we give you the permission to use these videos or screenshots on a video broadcasting service and monetize that content. You can also stream our game if you get it working somehow. If required, link to this page if you need to provide this license. And be so kind to let us know if you put up a video somewhere, we love to watch it!