Pocket Quest Privacy and Usage Policy

On this page, the use of 'you' and 'your' refers to you, a player of Pocket Quest. The use of 'we' and 'our' refers to us, Firi Games.

This page details the privacy policy of Pocket Quest and provides information on what data is collected by our game. By playing Pocket Quest, you accept this privacy policy. This page can be updated to reflect changes to the policy.

Also on this page is a monetization license that you can use if you use any Pocket Quest recordings, screenshots or streams on services that require them, such as YouTube.

If you have any questions about any of this, or if you have a different question about Pocket Quest, then please get in touch with us at pocketquest@firigames.com!

Third Party Services and Advertisements

Pocket Quest contains no third party SDKs, and does not show any advertisements to users. We also do not show the App Tracking Transparancy (ATT) prompt, as there are no third parties involved in this game.

Personal Data

When you start Pocket Quest, we log you in to the game automatically. Logging in retrieves your current game data, such as your avatar and what you have collected in the game. As part of this login process we send your device type, your device's operating system version, the language set, and what Pocket Quest version you use to our serving infrastucture. Our serving infrastructure also provides us with an estimate of the country you are connecting from, based on your IP address. All this data is stored and used by us to create aggregate statistics on what devices & operating systems our players use, and where our players are located in the world. We also use this data if you contact us with a problem so we can help you faster.

When you start a game of Pocket Quest, our match making service groups you with other players and starts a new game on our game servers. This game server hosts the game, and you and the other players connect to this server. In each game, your chosen nickname is shown to other players. This nickname is copied from your Game Center name, if available. You can change your nickname in the game.

When a game is finished, the game server reports the result back to our backend infrastructure where the game result is stored. Based on the result, your player ranking will be updated.

Data Storage Location

All your data related to Pocket Quest and Firi Accounts is stored in the United States through services provided by Google Cloud Platform.

Pocket Quest Content Monetization License

Pocket Quest gives you the option to record gameplay or take screenshots (both options are available through the pause menu). From iOS 10 onwards, it is also possible to stream gameplay in this way. Hereby we give you the permission to use these videos or screenshots on a video broadcasting service and monetize that content. If required, link to this page if you need to provide this license. And be so kind to let us know if you put up a video somewhere, we would love to watch it!