This support page is dedicated to issues related to Firi accounts. If you have a question or an issue related to a specific game, please consult their Frequently Asked Questions pages. They can be found at the following locations for Phoenix 2, Phoenix HD and Flare Elite.

I forgot the password of my Firi account

No problem, you can login to your Firi account with just your email address by using our password-less login system. In the game, choose 'I already have a Firi account', then choose 'I forgot my password' and enter the email address that is the username of your Firi account. We will then send you an email with a link. Open this link on your device where you have the game installed and it will log you in instantly!

My Firi account username is not a valid email address

If you did not provide a valid email address when registering an account, or you have lost access to your email inbox, then contact us at with a request to update your username.

I lost my device and did not create a Firi account

In case of Phoenix 2, we might be able to recover your game data and create a Firi account for you. Contact us at and provide your in-game pilot name, and as much additional detail as you can provide.

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